The impressive grounds of the Tormore Distillery are located in the heart of Speyside, nestled on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park, home to some of Britain's highest mountains as well as its largest native forests. These mountains give Tormore its name, it being taken from the Gaelic Torra Mhòir, meaning 'the big hill'.

Tormore Distillery sources its water from the Achvochkie Burn, which flows past the distillery to the River Spey about a mile away.The water flows through wild heather and peat, and over expansive granite hills before it arrives at the distillery, reaching Tormore Distillery with crystalline purity.

Discover Tormore 14 Year Old and Tormore 16 YearOld: two new single malts, full bodied and rich in flavour, produced in limited quantities from few and carefully selected casks by Master Distiller Trevor Buckley.