Home to over half of Scotland’s operating malt whisky distilleries, Speyside is the perfect location to produce whisky. The unique microclimate of the region makes it a very temperate area of Scotland. This, combined with the abundance of rich farmland, makes it an ideal place to grow barley and mature whisky.

12 dedicated and experienced distillery workers make up our team at Tamnavulin. From milling through to maturation, these time-served craftsmen and women of Tamnavulin have a passion for whisky and take genuine pride in their skills and the whiskies they make.

The Core Collection reflects perfectly the unique taste of Tamnavulin: a sweet, mellow and smooth single malt. A revelation from the Speyside Valley. Vintages Collection is a set of rare, aged Speyside whiskies each with a rich, distinctive character and a true reflection of the history that lies behind our doors.