I had the pleasure of talking to the people at 'The Scotch World' who are based in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. Below is the article that appeared on their website:

Q: Please give us a quick introduction about Still Tours Scotland.

A: If you are a connoisseur of premium quality spirits, looking for an authentic Scottish experience when traveling, Still Tours Scotland will organise a diverse tasting experience of whiskies distilled all over Scotland. We also provide bespoke castle visits along with a host of activities to ensure that you have the ultimate tour experience. Here you will discover the myriad of tastes encountered when sampling top quality Scotch whisky which is affectionately known as the "Water of Life" or “Uiscebeatha” in the native Scots language.

Q: What made you launch a whisky tour company, and have you already build alliances with other companies in the area?  

A: Still Tours Scotland was born from the Ellon Whisky Shop. Started in 2016, Ellon Whisky Shop thrives on providing high-quality spirits to our esteemed customers from across Aberdeenshire and Scotland. It is our customer service and commitment to deliver on our promises that set us apart. So, when we got requests to offer the ultimate whisky tour service, it was in our beautiful Scottish nature to do just that. We launched Still Tours Scotland in February 2020

Q: Are there set tours to choose from, or are they bespoken?

A: Both, we will tailor tours to satisfy individual client requests. This would be particularly applicable when we catering for corporate groups or larger tours parties. In addition, we also organise regular set tours to specific whisky distilleries, these are then advertised on social media and the website. The set tours may attract smaller parties who want interact with others to gain more Scottish holistic experience.

Q: Which distilleries can people expect to visit, and where are they located?

A: There are over 120 active distilleries spread across Scotland, which are split into five whisky-producing regions; Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland, and Speyside. Discover Scotland's five whisky regions, learn all about the phenomenal national drink and try a dram or two along the way. We provide tours to all five whisky-producing areas depending on customer preference.

Q: How long do these tours take?:

A: The tours we are organising can last anywhere from one to three days. On occasion, we can also offer tours that will go beyond three days. It all depends on what our customers are looking for.

Q: What are some of the unique experiences that people get by booking a tour?

A: As well as organising a tour of the Whisky distilleries, whisky tastings are provided throughout the journey of the tour.  In addition, a further tasting session is provided in Ellon Whisky shop at the end of the tour.

Q: Where can people find information about upcoming events and tours?

A: We recommend that people start on our website www.stilltoursscotland.com and then connect from there to our social media platforms. We are very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We are posting photos of our tours and information that will help people to stay connected long after they toured with us.

Q: What are your goals for the next year or two?

A: Regarding the Whisky Distillery tours, I would like to expand our fleet and add VIP travel in style. I would like to expand online trading for virtual whisky & gin tastings and move into providing gin distillery tours throughout Scotland.

Q: Do you already have whisky events planned?

A: There are indeed some tours already arranged at this time. We are very excited about whisky and gin tastings, as well as virtual tastings. Our whisky distillery tour will include the Balvenie Distillery in August. Right now, it is like everything else; until the Covid-19 lockdown has been lifted, we cannot schedule tours.

Q: What are two or three of your favorite bottles?

A:  2006 Vintage Single Malt Scotch Whisky (https://www.oldpulteney.com)

Distilled from the finest Scottish malted barley, this exclusive Vintage expression of the Maritime Malt harnesses rich heritage and coastal exposure into a vibrant and rewarding Single Malt experience. Only a handful of first-fill ex-bourbon barrels were selected for this rare release by Pulteney Distillery Manager, Malcolm Waring. Crafted from the best American oak and air dried for flavour intensity, these high-quality casks helped to hone the spirit's well-rounded sweetness, while at the heart of this exceptional whisky lies the natural richness and charisma embodied by Old Pulteney's Caithness home.

The Lasanta (www.glenmorangie.com)

Rich and full-bodied, our signature expression is first aged in American oak ex-bourbon casks for smoothness. We then finish this single malt whisky in hand-selected Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry casks.

Sourced from Jerez in Spain, the sherry casks bring rich raisin intensity, toffee, and spices to Glenmorangie's renowned smooth style enjoyed and awarded across the world.

Q: What are some of the critical values that you offer?

A: We need to tailor our tours specifically to the client's request. Our clients are looking for an authentic Scottish experience.

You can view the article here: thescotchworld.com