Speyside Distillery, nestled within the magnificent Cairngorm Mountains is widely acknowledged as being the prettiest of all Scotland’s distilleries.

Originally a barley mill and croft dating back to the 1700’s, it finally closed in 1965.Over the next 25 years from 1965 it was slowly and lovingly converted into a single malt distillery, which then started producing spirit on Christmas Day 1990.

The distillery draws it’s water from the Spey River tributary …. The River Tromie using the old mill lade, which originally ran the waterwheel that powered the old mill. The small boutique distillery is nurtured by a passionate, experienced team of highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to crafting the highest quality spirit in each and every single drop.

The whisky lovingly created is a light, delicate and characterful single malt Scotch whisky unmatched in the industry. Highly regarded as being amongst the smoothest and most approachable of all the malts in the Speyside region, SPEY from Speyside Distillery is a multi-facetted dram which offers the malt drinker a range of ages and styles to suit different times of the day, or indeed, seasons of the year. Each release has had an additional period of maturation in specially selected casks to add complexity and texture to the whisky.