The Glenlivet is shrouded in legend, history, and in some cases mystery. The ‘Glen Livet’ was a stretch of Highland Scotland that would later expand to become the Speyside whisky region. The Glenlivet was part of a rich history of illicit stills in the glen. Founded by a gutsy farmer, George Smith, the distillery flourished as whisky production was legalised.

Smith’s whisky quickly gained a reputation as a ‘smooth whisky’, and won praise from figures of the day like Charles Dickens, and even the King. in the 1870s, as the quality of the whisky gained more praise, other distilleries laid claim to the Glenlivet name. The distillery eventually won the right to call itself THE Glenlivet, and it stands on the same site to this day.

Today, The Glenlivet is enjoyed the world over, and is one of Scotland’s best-selling whisky brands. Each year the picturesque distillery welcomes visitors from all over the world, who come to discover the secret of George Smith’s famous craft