Deeside Natural Mineral Water flows from the ancient springs at Pannanich Wells located 600 ft above sea level in the Cairngorms National Park not far from the Balmoral Estate on Royal Deeside. This is a protected area of outstanding natural beauty and a true wilderness.

The catchment hills are open heather moorland where over 1 billion litres of pure Scottish rainfall drops every year in one square mile around the springs. The hills act like a “giant sponge” and the water filters naturally through miles of cracks in the rocks.

 After approximately 50 years the water emerges naturally under its own pressure through a fault line at the artesian springs. There is no forced extraction, only what nature provides is collected. The whole system is sustainable as part of the local water cycle and this is one of the purest natural waters in the world.

 The combination found in Deeside Mineral Water is unique and seems to encourage well-being and efficient operation in the body. In addition to this, Deeside Mineral Water molecules join in smaller clusters meaning they are more quickly absorbed by cells to help keep hydration levels up. Over millions of cells, this increased hydration helps maintain healthy skin and vitality. 

 In 1760, a local woman, Isabella Michie, who suffered from scrofula, (a fatal condition of the time), was led to Pannanich Wells and was completely cured, by bathing in and drinking the water. Word quickly spread about the curative waters and after many successes, visitors from near and far, the rich and poor all descended upon the area to taste and bathe in the "miracle waters". 

 Ballater was established and reports state that a great many people frequently visited the Wells, with the summer season in particular being a very busy time. Local historian Ian Murray wrote about the area and published a book. He found, "Visitors loved Pannanich; they came back year after year, again and again. I found references to how well they felt and how much of an appetite they had developed during their holiday". 

 Amongst the many visitors to Pannanich Wells were the rich and famous including Lord Byron, Sir Walter Scott and John Brown, who was to become Queen Victoria's Highland Gamekeeper, who apparently worked in the existing stable in the mid-1800s. 

 Queen Victoria herself drank the waters in 1856 and wrote of them in her Highland Journals in 1870 following her visits to Pannanich. The references made by Queen Victoria showed she returned several times with other noble guests in her party, and they always drank the waters when they visited. 

 The Deeside Water Company was set up in 1994 after a chance visit and hand bottling commenced in May 1996. Sales quickly grew and a building on site was upgraded and a bottling line capable of producing commercial volumes of water was installed in 1997. The company achieved Natural Mineral Water Status in 1998 and sales continued to grow. In 2002 exports to Europe and further afield started and bottling commenced for Duchy Originals, the food company established by HRH The Prince of Wales. 

 In 2005 a new bottling line capable of producing 5,000 bottles per hour was installed and in 2007 a new warehouse was completed to provide additional storage space. Deeside Mineral Water is now supplied throughout the UK from selected supermarkets, independent stores, hotels, restaurants and wholesalers, as well as being exported around the world. 

 In 2020 The Deeside Water Company launched the Fuarain Skincare brand and the first product, a super-active moisture cream, was developed which unites the scientific, energetic and natural benefits of the water with potent natural botanical extracts for advanced skincare results.

 The company remains family owned and prides itself on providing an excellent product and personal service to our customers. We work hard on sustainability and in developing a positive working culture to benefit all.