Ninety years after closing their doors, the re-awakening of Annandale Distillery means that fine single malt Scotch whisky now flows again from Dumfries and Galloway. Including modern touches for those who enjoy ‘thinking whisky’ as much as ‘drinking whisky’, such as a whisky academy is on offer both in-house and online. 

Annandale Distillery is a 5-star rated visitor attraction from Visit Scotland, and they pride themselves on having something on offer for everyone. They are a small, independent team meaning every member of staff is as passionate about whisky as you are, ensuring the best possible experience. Still Tours Scotland Ltd. recognises their enthusiasm and can guarantee this will be shown on every tour as well as being extremely informative. There is a wealth of history to this distillery, as well as glorious local surroundings and produce. Tours here are catered towards the individual, making it perfect for both whisky connoisseurs and beginners. There is also a fantastic café available to awake the foodie in you. 

Their peated whisky, known as Man o’Sword and their unpeated whisky, Man o’Words, are in celebration of local icons King Robert the Bruce (Scotland’s Warrior King and 7th Earl of Annandale) and Robert Burns (Scotland’s National Poet and Exciseman in Annandale), respectively. This is one of many examples of how they pride themselves in the local history of Scotland and the distillery. The founding duo of this magnificent distillery are often asked why they decided to restore it to its former glory. David Thomson, being an ex-patriot Scot, was looking to do something that would anchor his life back to his native Scotland. Teresa Church, the other member of the founding duo, has an enduring passion for restoring old buildings. Through her visionary lens, the intrinsic beauty of Annandale’s historic buildings shone brightly through the dilapidation, the decay, and the dereliction. For both, Annandale Distillery was a case of ‘love at first sight.’ 

Since then their whiskies have gained notable attention by consumers and awards. Proven by being voted best single cask single malt 10 years and under of 2020 for their peated Man O' Sword, and best single cask single malt 10 years and under of 2021 for their Man O' Words. The future is bright for this revamped distillery.

Still Tours Scotland Ltd. and Annandale Distillery.

As you can see, the team here at Still Tours Scotland look forward to including this distillery on their tours. Their emotion towards their produce pours out in every tour and every dram. This makes it easy to truly fall in love with their whisky and their history but do not just take our word for it. We are delighted to be able to take you there and join you on your next distillery tour. 

Annandale being an independent, passionate business is also excited to work alongside us and is offering special tour rates for large parties when booking through our site. All tours with Still Tours Scotland Ltd. to Annandale is a guaranteed premier tasting experience, a wealth of passion and knowledge as well as an unforgettable sensory experience. There are five drams guaranteed, on-site or to take away in miniature bottles. Annandale Distillery is also offering Still Tour Scotland Ltd. customers surprise goodies and tempting food and beverage packages. 

Want to know more about this wonderful tour experience? Do not hesitate to ask. Bookings can be made via our website or drop us a direct message to